Why choose Profad Security in the first place?

Because we are proud of operating as professionals in the security industry. We recognise that our team represents our own company as much as it does that of our clients, and is the reason why we hire the best professionals in the field who receive the most comprehensive training on offer through our own training programs. This ensures a level of expertise that our clients are glad to have available to their businesses and organisations.

What areas do you operate in?

We are based in London and at present cover the greater London region, but with plans to expand further afield in the near future.

Are your staff properly qualified as door supervisors and security guards?

Of course! Every one of our employees that operates on a client’s site has to have a valid SIA card and relevant training.

What vetting procedures do you apply for your staff, and what training do they receive?

Every employee is heavily vetted before they take up a position with us. They are then reassessed in-house and any gaps in knowledge or training are supplemented by our sister training company. This ensures that all our staff, no matter what position they fill has all the necessary skills, experience and knowledge needed in order to fulfil their role within our organisation.


How do I find out more about your services and the relevant prices?

Please contact us for a friendly and non-committal chat about the needs of your organisation and we will explain what we can and cannot offer more fully. Free quotes can then be supplied upon request. Also, see our website for any news or updates about pricing and services offered.


How do I go about hiring your company to handle my security?

Email or phone us for a free quote and the chance to talk to one of our experts about your needs. We are here to help and advise our clients, existing or prospective.


Do you install alarms, security cameras, and CCTV systems?

At present, we only work with our clients own installed security systems. We can advise on system installations, but currently, we do not carry them out ourselves, although this may change in the future.


What can I do if there is a security issue on one of my sites?

If it is serious, then our clients will have a free number to contact us on immediately.


When are you available to contact outside of normal working hours and on holidays?

Our office is available during the normal working hours of 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday. However, our clients will be given a free number that they can contact us on in the event of an emergency any day, any time.


Do you have any questions?
Feel free to contact us!