Our Services

Door Supervisors

  • Security at front of house and on-premise entrances
  • Provide security personnel at clubs, charity and businesses for, retail and corporate clients
  • Crowd control during busy periods
  • Mobile security patrols of premise
  • Liaison with police and emergency services

Nobody wants an incident on their licensed premises, or worse still, a loss of control over what happens during peak periods. That is why it is essential, and often a police requirement to have suitably trained doormen at your nightclub or bar during busy times. We understand this and can supply exactly the sort of highly trained door supervisors that your business needs to make and keep the right name for itself.

It is not just nightclubs that seek professional doorman though, and again, we have experience working with a variety of different clients that seek a static presence on entrances, as well as mobile security patrols of a building at night or during busier times, such as Christmas shopping periods.

Security Guards

  • Fully SIA licensed and trained to the highest industry standards
  • Visual deterrent to trespassing, vandalism or theft
  • Wide range of duties include reception, concierge, night watch, CCTV or door supervision
  • Undertake health and safety checks and risk assessments to premises
  • Offer gatehouse security for entrance and exit points and mobile warehouse guarding
  • Provide CCTV and alarm system surveillance

Profad Security guards can fulfil a number of varied roles involving security for your premises. From offering a static or mobile manned security presence at the reception of an office block to door supervisors at a nightclub it’s all about deterring unwanted activity with a visual presence, but also being able to supply immediate proactive measures to de-escalate or prevent a situation from getting out of control. Our guards are professional, presentable, extremely well trained and capable of handling whatever situation may arise in a number of roles.

CCTV Operators

  • Deters theft and criminal activity with a visual presence
  • Early detection of potential incidents or criminal activity
  • Monitoring of stock and deliveries in warehouses
  • Evidence that can be used in court
  • Expert management by experienced operators
  • Training tool for staff

CCTV security is one of the most effective ways of deterring or detecting crime, whether it is in public places, commercial premises or private residencies. However, a CCTV security system is no good without observant and diligent operators in control. And we only hire and work with the best operators available, who in turn receive excellent training from our company.

Apart from monitoring your warehouse, entries and exits, or aisles in a shopping centre, there may be a day when your CCTV footage might need to be used in a court case as evidence. It is therefore imperative that your operators correctly record, monitor and transfer footage accurately for later use by the police.

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